Kitten in a Mitten (dreamplum) wrote in avocuddle,
Kitten in a Mitten

The clothing list, part 1 (stuff I want to keep)

-Black mini dress with red and yellow flowers. Action figure Farfalla doll.
-The blue version of the action figure Farfalla doll.
-White sundress with little yellow flowers
-Blue dress
-Blue whale dress
-Two Chinese dresses
-Brown gown from SlashBash
-Magenta and silver gown
-Leopard dress, wherever the hell it got to

-Every single pair of jeans. Turn the ripped ones into cutoffs. All my BLUE jean shorts. All my jean skirts.

-Tank tops: blue camo, red ribbed, olive green, olive green with stripes, yellow, lavendar, white with rainbow hearts, orange shiny

-I heart my attitude problem shirt
-Blue denimy looking sweater
-red skirt, lavendar tiedie skirt
-White collared blouse
-All the 3/4 length sleeve blouses
Tshirts: the two blue ones from Yumpop, my TUC shirt, Sailor Indigo or whatever her name is from Rainbow Brite, the Violin one with Beethoven's ninth on it, the gorgeous K/S pencil drawing shirt, Freedom to Marry, Kirk and Spock for president, Alaksan and South Carolina flags, Saturday Night Alive because it's comfortable, dammit, composers because they're cool

Both my black orchestra blouses yay

Oatmeal sweater

The Rock Lee shirt

Khaki bolero jacket yay

Lavendar men's blouse
Navy blue cocktail dress
Black cocktail dress
Yellow and black gauzy tops from leiabelle
Kerropi shirt
The two red shirts from leiabelle
Lavendar velvet thing from maoric's mom


Lavendar and maroon jean shorts, possibly khaki ones as well
Black jeans that are too tight. Jeans I inherited from vanillabrew that are too tight.
Orange long-sleeved teeshirt that has absolutely no shape.
Pink and lavendar long-sleeved teeshirts that have absolutely no shape
White long sleeved thing that came from Adam that has a big stain on it
The polo pullover from Musica21
***Tight teeshirts (I will seriously need to think about this): EMU festival shirts, Noties, Metrozoo big cats shirt *mope*

I don't need the rainforest shirt my mom gave me but then she'll be mad. Blah.

White "extra" orchestra shirt. I can SO buy a new one. But I don't need to get rid of this right away.

Coral cotton blouse set from 1999.
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